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Updates on Citizen Supply's COVID-19 Approach

To our community: 


Over the past few weeks we’ve all experienced and unreal shift. This has caused us to make a few swift and hard decisions. For now our flagship store is temporarily closed and we will reassess at the end of March at the earliest. This includes all community events until further notice. For the immediate future we fully plan to pay our staff in line with our ability. As a small business there aren’t a lot of funds to access but our small and mighty management team is working tirelessly to ensure everyone’s stability. We are focused on minimizing the damage through seeking disaster relief funds, insurances, and working with all parties to ensure this to the best of our ability. 

We are making all efforts to bolster our e-commerce for the foreseeable future but please note you may experience some shipping delays as precautionary measures. As we closely monitor the situation we will more than likely have a gradual comeback to continually ensure the safety of our team and community. 

There wasn’t a script written for a time like this and we are the “figuring it out” boat together. We are committed to the vision of Citizen Supply and know that the entrepreneurial spirit will overcome these odds. Please continue to reach out to us and stay involved with us “virtually.” We care deeply for all of our team, the brands we partner with, and our community and truly want to know ways we can help bring light and life through these times. 

To stay in touch please text “OnTheRise” to 833-471-4767 to hear updates on all we are doing during this “virtual” time, store opening, and e-commerce product drops!

Much love from us to you!
Phil Sanders | Found


Ways to Show Support:

Join us for Quarantini Time on Likewise's Instagram Live everyday at 5 PM.

If you're enjoying the content our Bar Team is working hard to create and you're able to show support through funding, consider donating to their Tip Jar Fund to assist our workers during this difficult time.

Sign up for text updates to stay in the loop on store updates, product drops online, and continued ways to support our teams and brand partners during this time. Text "OnTheRise" to 833-471-4767.

Shop with us online. It helps support the 200+ makers and brands we work with day in and day out!


Shipping Updates:

The Citizen Supply team has chosen self-distance through April 7th, 2020 due to orders put in place by our government officialsYou may now select 'Standard Delayed Shipping' options at check-out. This allows our team to hold your order and begin shipments on April 8th once the self-quarantine timeline has passed. 

Each order shipped will be packaged by one person from our team who is not experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19. Our team will carefully handle all goods and packages by continually washing our hands, sanitizing work surfaces, and/or wearing gloves. We have limited our team to a maximum of 2 people in a 12,000 sq. ft. store to ensure we are not in close contact during this time. 

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