About Dream Warriors Foundation

VISION: Dream Warriors Foundation believes that investing in womxn inspires a stronger, more innovative local community.  

MISSION: Dream Warriors Foundation connects, uplifts, and strengthens the womxn community in Metro Atlanta through grant-making, events, and a strong community.

ABOUT: A Dream Warrior - AKA a “dreamie” - is someone who promotes intersectional feminism and has an instinct to connect with and better the world around us. Dream Warriors Foundation is a funding mechanism to support womxn through grants, events, and a strong community.

An annual membership is an investment in the Atlanta womxn community. Members personally support our grant-making efforts, gain access to our unique events, and get exclusive discounts from Dream Warrior-owned businesses.

The History of Dream Warriors

Dream Warriors was started by Allie Bashuk in 2011 as a Facebook group as a way of connecting with other likeminded womxn. The online group serves as a resource network and trusted community and has evolved into an underground network of revolutionary womxn in the Atlanta area. While the Dream Warriors social community will remain a private space, the Foundation seeks to rally everyone around our efforts to provide support to Dream Warriors in Atlanta. 

In 2017, Dream Warriors Foundation was founded. Allie Bashuk and Haley Carlson set out on a mission to bring the values started by the online community into real life support through funding. Bringing together their creative and business expertise, the two, along with the support of their board, seek to connect, uplift and strengthen Dreamies in Atlanta.