Phil was an ATL-based photographer working out of his home when he got the idea to dedicate a space to wayward, creative entrepreneurs like himself. He established Foster ATL in 2014 to be a home base for Atlanta’s creative-minded vagabonds. While Foster hosted artists and creators from a myriad of disciplines, Phil would periodically invite makers and artisans from around the city to gather in the space to host a local flea market of sorts, a pop-up he called “In Good Company.”

The community focus and inspired curation of In Good Company eventually caught the eye of the developers of the remodeled Sears & Roebuck building known today as Ponce City Market, and Citizen Supply was born. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to provide a home for hundreds of local artisans and scrappy upstart brands in what’s become Atlanta’s signature retail space, but we haven’t forgotten what it felt like to be upstarts ourselves. 

We decided to bring back In Good Company so that we can carry on our tradition of fostering connections between new brands and new customers. We’ve found twelve incredible new brands that we are so excited to introduce to you.  

Stop by any time from now until January 15th and find your new favorites before they’re everyone else’s favorites too. 

Looking to see the specific brands here at In Good Company? See below! 

  • Better In Amberland
  • O F F B E A T K I D D
  • Atlanta Is For Dreamers
  • Becalia Botanicals
  • Brother Moto
  • Tack and Ward
  • Dear Quinn Vintage
  • Garner Blue
  • A Sensible Habit
  • Coffee Man Cold Brew
  • Mariposa Vintage
  • The Botanical Studio
  • Native Maps