Citizen Supply is Atlanta’s original curated artisan and small brand marketplace.

Who We Are

 At Citizen Supply, every product has purpose, every brand is fueled by a dream, and every customer is empowered to make a difference in the life of a small business owner. Born out of a desire to connect makers and small brands with consumers, Citizen Supply provides a platform for local artisans and creative small brands to showcase their work in a beautiful setting inside Atlanta’s historic Ponce City Market.



Why Shop with Citizen Supply?

We want you to become part of the story. When you shop at Citizen Supply, you will discover products that lift you up - both by making you look and feel good, but also by welcoming you into the journey of a small business that is making their dream come true one piece at a time. In that way, a product purchased from Citizen Supply is a dream realized for an independent business owner, and not just for one small business - but for the idea that the things we allow into our lives and homes should be made with care by those who are passionate about their craft.

Whether it comes from a local maker in our in-house studio or a small brand on the other side of the country, each and every product in our store is sourced from brands who stand behind their work, and each and every customer who walks through our doors or shops our online store is personally contributing to the dreams not only of the makers, but of the community at large. 

Our Philosophy

We founded Citizen Supply on the idea that small business should be big business. A while ago, we realized that some of our greatest artisans aren’t getting a fair shake at the market they deserve. Drowned out by too much noise, they struggle to have their voices heard and their visions realized. By giving these makers a platform, we hope to change that.

We believe that communities are created by those with foresight - those with a sense of what the world lacks and how to bring it into existence. It’s a tragedy, then, that some of the most creative visions among us are overshadowed by a desire for convenience. Where we want quality, we get expedience. Where we want workmanship, we get conformity. Where we want art, we get commerce.


But when we come together as a community and demand better, we believe that we can create the world we want to exist.

Our Story

Before Citizen Supply, creative entrepreneur Phil Sanders founded Foster, a space for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs to gather and build community. From time to time, these entrepreneurs would set up a pop-up shop to sell their goods and provide a platform for other artisans and makers in Atlanta and beyond. They called this pop-up event “In Good Company,” which eventually caught the eye of the developers of an exciting new project that was transforming Atlanta’s once majestic Sears & Roebuck warehouse called Ponce City Market.

In 2014, through this series of fortunate events, we were given the opportunity to establish a permanent home for artisans and small brands on the second floor of Ponce City Market. At Ponce, we knew we had the chance to turn the tide on the idea of a traditional retail model - and give the power back to the makers.



Citizen Supply is a community. Citizen Supply is a collective of small brands, makers, and artisans that believe in the strength that comes from unity. Citizen Supply believes that by selling beautiful, well-made products, we can take back some of the power that has been taken away by those whose existence is measured only by a bottom line. We do this for the makers. We do it for the wild-hearted small businesses. We do it for community. We do this for you.