Moss Balls PSA

We love selling plants, but sometimes plants can bring in things from the wild that we don't want in our communities. We received moss balls with a potentially hazardous parasite in the month of February and were notified by the vendor about the incident. 

A Warning was issued by wildlife agencies across the US warning that moss balls may be contaminated with a potentially hazardous parasite, Zebra Mussels. This invasive species is a significant threat to our local ecosystem and must be  disposed of immediately. For safe disposal instruction and information please follow the instructions linked here

Moss Ball

The product name(s): Marimo Ball Small/ Large ‘Moss Ball’ from The Heavy 

Dates of purchase: 2/25/2021-3/10/2021

Here is what we are doing to keep our team, customers, products, and ecosystem safe:

  • Properly destroyed of all potentially contaminated products.
  • Worked with the vendor to make sure no other products were effected.
  • Created an internal process to handle incidents like this in the future (though we do not anticipate this being an issue moving forward)
  • Empowering potentially effected customers to handle properly disposing of the product.
  • Offering in-store credit to any customer who made a purchase of the moss balls (must present receipt) 

If you made a purchase that you think is effected: 

  • Destroy the moss ball, DO NOT throw it away in the trash or bring it back to the store.
  • Bring your receipt showing proof of purchase to receive store credit.
  • Contact us if you have further questions. 

As always, thanks for being a supporter of the Citizen Supply community.