Behind the Brand: Calhoun & Co.

Kerry, owner & creator of Calhoun & Co.
Behind the Brand

Calhoun & Co. - Brooklyn, New York

Citizen Supply exists to support the people that are behind the product. Investing endless amounts of time and energy daily into creating something meaningful for the world. We believe when small businesses unite, something really BIG happens.  

Today, we sit down with Kerry, from Calhoun & Co., to hear more about how she aims to bring a little bit of humor, cozy weekend vibes, and the intention of spreading a little more kindness through her work. 

Kerry with her husband, Bobby, and adorable pup!


Q: Where are you based?  

A: Brooklyn, New York! 

Q: What do you want to see more of in the world?  

A: Kindness, art, hugs, community, respect for our planet, & compassion for one another.  

Q: Describe your brand in two words.  

A: Cozy + Connected.

Q: What's your favorite drink?

A: Oat milk iced latte (on a sunny day!) 

Bobby wrapping a blanket in their storage space. 
Q: What is one of your favorite products from your line?

A: It's really hard to have a favorite, but I love our playing cards called PLAY NICE (Please). The entire message of the deck is to simply be nice to one another, and have fun! 

Q: What does your team look like? 

A: I (Kerry) am the only full-time Calhoun & Co. person, but I do have lots of help in a variety of ways! My husband, Bobby, helps me in so many ways behind the scenes - everything from trade show setup/build-out, to accounting, to being my sounding board for every idea I have. Others than help me are my best friend, Greta with managing the studio, Caroline with organization, my mom with making product tags, and my dad helping pack orders. I also receive plenty of advice from my brothers and sisters AND their spouses who are all small business owners - shout out to Field Trip Jerky & Sophie Hughes Jewelry! 


Kerry at her own booth. 


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