Behind the Brand: Young Gentry

  Young Gentry / Atlanta, GA  

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In this edition, we chat it up with Scarlett and Meg. Two sisters, one big dream. With the next generation in mind, Atlanta-based Young Gentry has been creating ethically produced, clean burning soy blend candles since 2014, while sticking to their core values: nurture, protect, provide. That's because each candle sold provides a meal to an American child in need. Let’s dive in to it! 
Q: How did you learn how to make candles?
A: We grew up cooking creative, fresh & spicy dishes with our parents and discovered that finding the ‘perfect’ scent combination is a ton like making the perfect curry.  We learned both by asking tons of questions, experimenting with new & different ingredients, and being joyful when our experiments failed.  We learned quickly that you’ve got to be comfortable making mistakes because that’s how you find the real gems (or finally make the perfect dish).
Q: What does the team at Young Gentry look like today?
A: Meg & Scarlett (sisters, duh), Adam (shop manager), Kyla & Tricia (production)
Q: What’s your favorite smelling candle from the collection?
A: Sassy Cactus (notes of: teakwood, tobacco & lime rind)
Turning beautiful fabrics into timeless silhouettes at accessible price points. 
Q: Tell us more about the one candle = one meal philosophy.
A: We believe that the next generation is the world’s ‘young gentry’ and started our brand with the purpose of leaving the world a little better than we found it.  With that in mind, one of the many ways we leave the world a little better is through our ‘One Candle = One Meal’ program: for every candle or essential oil purchased, we donate a meal to children & families in need through the non-profit: No Kid Hungry.
Q: Why is it important to you to create a sustainable product? or How has sustainability been of influence to your candles?
A: We live our philosophy, “Nurture, Protect, Provide for the Next Generation’ through more than our 1 candle = 1 meal donations.  We also go to great lengths to ensure that we take every opportunity to source as locally as possible to support local artisans and minimize our carbon footprint.
Q: What do you love most about running a candle business?
A: The amazing, generous, joyful team we’ve assembled.  They are so gracious with us as we learn and grow and they’re also true believers in a better world for the next generation.
Q: What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced when starting out?
A: Where to begin??  We could list a million things like not knowing website design (we still don’t) or not being experts in branding (we still aren’t)… there’s a theme.  Our biggest obstacle was thinking we needed to  learn  everything when in reality, the moment we surrounded ourselves with brilliant people, our little candle company took off. 

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