Behind the Brand: Katin

  KATIN / Southern California  

Citizen Supply exists to support the people that are behind the product. Investing endless amounts of time and energy daily into creating something meaningful for the world. We believe when small businesses unite, something really BIG happens.  

Today, we get the opportunity to learn more about one of our newer partners, Katin. The brand has been around since 1954 when husband and wife duo, Nancy and Walter Katin, started the brand. In this segment, we chat with some of the current team members about their favorite styles, what their team looks like today, and how the brand has changed over the years.

The following answers are from our brand representative, Johnny.

Q: What is your favorite item from the collection?

A: The base knit tees. High-quality cotton blends with unique color stories, as our owner also operates the largest printing facility in southern CA, allowing us to offer customers different colors and washes tied exclusively to Katin. 

Q: Describe the brand in two words.

A: Surf Heritage.

Q: How would you describe the product creation for Katin?

A: The products at Katin are designed in-house, in California.


The Katin Story

Katin was founded in 1954 by a husband and wife duo, Nancy and Walter Katin, in Surfside, California. The couple started by opening a boat cover business called 'Kanvas'. Locals loved the material and construction of their boat covers so much, it led the couple to create board shorts out of the same durable materials. 

One day, a teen named Corky walked into their shop and requested a new kind of short he could wear when he surfed. Little did Nancy and Walter know, Corky would go on to become one of the first professional surfers, and their shorts would be some of California's first-ever surf trunks. 

In 1986, after both Nancy and Walter had passed away, they left the brand to their loyal seamstress since 1961, Sato. Sato and her son have carried on with the brand to this day, and it is still just as committed to the quality everyone came to know in 1954. 

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