Behind the Brand: Glad & Young Studio

  Glad & Young Studio / Atlanta, GA  

Citizen Supply exists to support the people that are behind the product. Investing endless amounts of time and energy daily into creating something meaningful for the world. We believe when small businesses unite, something really BIG happens.  

Today, we're excited to share the story of Glad & Young Studio - one of our very own in-house brands. Erica and Anna started Glad & Young with the goal to make long-lasting, colorful leather goods, while also doing a little good in the world. Here at Citizen Supply, we're honored to be able to watch them dream, design, and create right inside our shop. Keep reading to learn more about this 100% female-founded, owned, and operated company.

 Q: What is your favorite item from the collection?

A: Our colorful bikini bags! 

Q: Can you share with us how you create the Bikini Bags?

A: We start with a hide of leather and carefully cut it down to size while making sure we get the best parts of the hide. This bag only needs the body, the strap, and the pocket cut out. Next, we sew it all together and add the closure! 

Q: What two words would you use to describe your brand?

A: Fun-loving & colorful! 

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Seven-layer dip.

Q: Tell us what you want to see more of in the world.
A: We would love to see businesses be more transparent about their values and who they choose to support. We're openly progressive and try to champion equality and intersectionality with our hiring, non-profit giving, and our platform. We would love to see more of this in business as a whole. When people spend money, they are buying so much more than a product; they're choosing what voice they want to be amplified. We believe there should be more transparency of what purchases end up actually funding. 

 Q: What does the team at Glad & Young look like today?

A: We have an all-woman team of 6 total, including the two of us. 

Q: Do you have a favorite drink?
A: Pink wine forever and ever.

 "you shall above all things be glad and young..." 

- e.e. cummings